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Engineering | Undergraduate Research

Aditya Khuller, FURI researcher

Aditya Khuller is an aerospace engineering major in the Barrett Honors College. Aditya is currently a FURI student researching Pulsed Plasma Thruster (PPT) for small satellite applications under the mentorship of Dr. Daniel White, an expert in spacecraft electric propulsion. We asked Aditya to share some details about his experience and research.

How did you find your faculty mentor and what have you learned from conducting research?

When I arrived at ASU as a freshman in the Fall of 2015, I joined the Sun Devil Satellite Laboratory on-campus as an officer. Dr. Daniel White, was our club faculty mentor and after getting to know him better, I asked him about doing this project through FURI, and much to my amazement and excitement he agreed!

Whilst conducting research through FURI, I have gotten the opportunity to apply a lot of the concepts that I learned in high school and college to my research. I have also gotten the chance to learn skills that you wouldn’t normally learn in class (Building, designing a vacuum system for testing, CAD, Machining, Circuit design, etc.). FURI has allowed me to connect with a large number of faculty and staff on the ASU campus, other universities, and in industry, who have all been there assisting and advising me.

What advice would you have for students wanting to do research?

APPLY! Find something that interests you, be curious, and ask! ASU is a HUGE school, which means that if there’s something you want to research, there’s faculty probably already doing research on it or if not, you can start your own research with mentor guidance. The journey is the reward, and what you learn on the way is what counts. Talk to your professors from the classes you take, or go to research seminars on-campus and talk to faculty presenters about working under them for research!

Tell us about some other activities you like to do and some fun facts about yourself!

I play soccer, and am part of a progressive-rock/metal band. I love reading (my favorite book of all time is probably The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy). I love dogs (I’m also a trained service dog trainer), learning about space, cooking (occasionally), Scottish country dancing, and helping people (and dogs). Lastly, I’ve traveled to 14 countries!


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