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Aerodynamics Of Propulsion


In engineering school we learn about external aerodynamic flow over wings and fins, we also learn about the thermodynamic cycles that comprise propulsion systems. But what about the intersection between these two disciplines? Few undergraduate textbooks concern themselves with the aerodynamics of propulsion.

If you build a turbofan engine, where a multiblade propeller is mounted in a duct. How does the duct impact the flow through the propeller? How does the propeller impact the flow through the duct?

In this project students will help construct a pitot traverse system to measure the flow field around scale models of engine nacelles similar to that found on an airliner at the ASU student wind tunnel. Students will also measure the drag forces associated with the duct using a strain gage force balance.

We will study the flow and drag associated with a simple flow through nacelle, the static and dynamic propulsive forces of a EDF (electric ducted fan) simply mounted, and combined installation effect when you mount an EDFs in a nacelle.

Interested students are encouraged to contact Dr. Timothy Takahashi to get started.


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