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Aircraft Performance Public Policy


Airplanes are safe precisely because they don’t crash often. Airplanes are safe because their design and operations are pervaisively regulated by the Federal Government (the Federal Aviation Administration).  Aircraft Take-Off and Landing rules are presently tailored for aircraft with two, three or at most four identical engines. But what should the rules look like for an aircraft with five? or six engines? or dissimilar engines? (for example a turbofan w/ hybrid electric assist?). This new student project will require the student to research and review NTSB aircraft accident investigation reports, current and historical FAA rules, look at policy documents in the Federal Register, and use and modify Professor Takahashi’s Take-Off and Landing Simulation Program. Good programming skills (especially in VisualBasic) desired; plus a knack for library research. Private pilot license (or ground school), a plus. Successful undergraduate students typically have the opportunity to co-author research papers and present their work at workshops and conferences.

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