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Assessment of Pre-fabricated vs. Stick-Built Construction


Dr. David Grau, Assistant Professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, is seeking prospective FURI students to work on the “Assessment of Pre-fabricated vs. Stick-Built Construction” project.

This project closely aligns with the Fulton sustainability research theme. It also includes sustainable construction, pre-fabrication and modularization and advanced data analytics.
Under my supervision and based on data from the actual construction of a new bio-medical building, the students will support the work of graduate (MS) student to determine the impact of pre-fabrication and modularization techniques to improve the sustainability of the construction process. Specifically, the students will help in the basic data collection and data analysis tasks, so that such differences can be determined. The new bio-medical project is being built by DPR, a highly sophisticated contractor company. Students will be granted access to the job site too.

This is a very flexible project in terms of work schedule. It should be fun and easy to accomplish. It provides direct exposure and experience of students with a major contractor (DPR) in the nation. Project is performed through my Advanced Project Analytics lab, the website of which is under development.

Any student interested in working on this project is welcome to begin volunteering in the lab. Students will typically work 5 hours per week, schedule to be decided by the student. Students may start working immediately on the project.

To apply, email your resume and current GPA to Dr. David Grau at


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