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Automated Driving Safety Performance Assessment Development

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Automated Driving Safety Performance Assessment Development

The automated vehicle (AV) industry is currently proceeding at a rapid pace of technological development, largely on the hopes of reducing the number of accidents and associated injuries and deaths that occur on public roads all over the world. However, the standards and regulatory environment for AVs are not maturing at the same pace, and the result is that AVs are being tested on public roads and potentially putting the general public at risk. The first step in developing the rules that will ensure public safety is to develop a methodology for making an assessment of an AV’s safety performance as it demonstrates a behavioral competency within its operational design domain (ODD). This FURI/MORE project will support work on such a methodology that the sponsoring professor (Dr. Jeffrey Wishart) is doing with the Institute of Automated Mobility (IAM) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) On-Road Automated Driving (ORAD) Committee and associated Verification and Validation (V&V) Task Force. The project will build on the work currently being done by the IAM and SAE members to develop metrics required to make an automated driving safety performance assessment.

With the list of developed metrics, the student will first determine the impact that each metric has on the driving safety performance in order to assign a weight factor and then combine the weighted metrics into an overall methodology that will allow for a reliable and quantifiable automated driving safety performance assessment. The work will include coordination with the larger project team and sub-teams working on data capture equipment and methodology as well as algorithm development that will implement the developed methodology. There is currently a proof-of-concept project by the team being undertaken with intersections in AZ being equipped with sensors for off-board data collection and AVs participating in the project for on-board data collection and demonstration purposes.

The student’s work will be a real contribution to the automotive industry, specifically the AV sector, and help bring this technology to commercialization. More importantly, however, this work will result in increased public safety and help ensure that AV development and adoption realize the aspirational reduction in traffic casualties.

Additional/Student Information:

Semester(s) or start/end date of position: Spring 2020

Number of hours per week: 10

Stipend amount/hourly wage/volunteer position: Stipend (FURI/MORE)

How to apply:

Please e-mail: Jeffrey Wishart (


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