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Engineering | Undergraduate Research

CAD Integrated Parametric Design


CAD packages like SolidWorks are very powerful engineering tools. These packages become even more powerful when they are integrated with specialized disciplinary analysis tools for Aerodynamic Design and Aircraft Performance Analysis. The question remains: is it better for CAD to be master of analysis? or is it better to have CAD the servant – where numerical codes instruct the CAD program what shape is best? Or is it even better to CAD the master and servant at the same time? This on-going project will have students learn to interface SolidWorks in both master and servant roles to aerodynamic shape synthesis and performance analysis codes.  The students will learn how to use ModelCenter (a commercial trade study program), and write custom programs in VisualBasic, VBSCRIPT and MATLAB. Successful undergraduate students typically have the opportunity to co-author research papers and present their work at workshops and conferences.

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