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Characterizing Alzheimer’s Disease with Brain Imaging Biomarkers

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In the study of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), neuroimaging based biomarkers have been shown high sensitivity in tracking changes over time. They were proposed as possible outcome measures especially for randomized clinical trials. Our lab is working on cutting edge neuroimaging biomarker research. We work on brain images from a variety of modalities, including structural MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, PET and functional MRI. We have several exciting research projects funded by NSF and NIH. We welcome motivated undergraduate students join our lab and will coauthor and publish scientific papers with undergraduate students. I also have rich experience to mentor undergraduate students. My former students were admitted by some prestigious graduate schools including Princeton, UCLA, USC, Univ. of Washington, Univ. of Wisconsin, Purdue Univ. etc.

Students that are interested please send resumes and transcripts to Yalin Wang at

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