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Compressibility of elastomers under shock loading conditions

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Compressibility of elastomers under shock loading conditions

Dr. Pedro Peralta, a Professor for the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering has a research opening for the following project:

Material behavior at large pressures and strain rates plays a key role on performance of a wide range of armor and other protection systems. Elastometer coatings have shown significant potential to mitigate damage due to blast and ballistic impacts, which pose a significant threat to military, law enforcement and homeland security personnel and vehicles. However, mechanisms controlling dynamic behavior of these coatings, at pressures and strain rates typical of shock loading are not well understood. In this project thin elastomer samples will be dynamically loaded via a flyer plate impact at high velocity, and their response monitored via laser velocimetry techniques. The data, in turn, needs to be evaluated to obtain information on the equation of state of the elastomer to characterize its response to pressure under high strain rates. Techniques involved include high precision sample preparation, shock loading testing, laser velocimetry, and dynamic testing data analysis, among other. Training will be provided.


  • Armor
  • Polymer coatings
  • Shock testing

Student qualifications/requirements: 

Motivated individuals, with strong skills for self- and guided learning are needed for this project. Must have an A in MAE 213 (for undergrads) or an A in either MAE 529 (preferred) or MAE 520 (for gradate students). Those with lab experience will be given preference. GPA of at least 3.5. Only mechanical or aerospace engineering students. Send your CV and unofficial ASU transcripts, as well as brief cover letter describing qualifications.

Semester(s) or start/end date of position:Fall 2018-May 2019

Number of hours per week: 10

Stipend amount/hourly wage/volunteer position:Hourly position might be available for qualified applicants

Lab/Center website:

How to apply:Send documents via e-mail to


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