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Crowd Emergency Alarm System

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Dr. Yi Ren, Assistant professor in the school for Engineering of Matter, Transportation and Energy, has a research opening for undergraduate students regarding Crowd Emergency Alarm System for Spring-Fall 2018.

I’m looking for a student to work with me on a FURI project. The idea is to develop a wrist band and the associated cellphone app that together (1) send your location and (2) start audio broadcasting to your emergency contacts when you stretch the wrist band drastically. The goal is to create an alarm system that can (1) respond to emergencies much faster than current cellphones/smart watches (e.g., on ios11 you will need to pull out your phone and press the home button 5 times; on Apple Watch, you will need to press and hold a button for 6 seconds, before tapping the emergency call button), and (2) is more reliable than a purely software approach, which has a higher chance of false alarm (people have been accidentally calling 911 on Apple Watches).

More detailed plan: (1) band-cellphone communication will be achieved through a bluetooth chip. (2) The bluetooth chip should only send a signal when the band is stretched significantly. The design of this mechanism is the most intriguing/challenging part of the project. (3) An customized android app will be developed to receive the bluetooth signal. IFTTT will be used to convert that signal into actions, e.g., sending SMS and start audio recording.

Lab/Center website: designinformaticslab

Student qualifications/requirements: The student needs to be highly motivated, and have a background in mechanical/electrical/computer engineering or related engineering fields. Experience in Arduino/Raspberry pi and industrial design is preferred but not required. FURI or Volunteer/20 hours per week.

How to apply: Please send your resume to if interested. In your email, please also highlight your experiences related to this project. Please send your questions and inquiries directly to Max Yi Ren at


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