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Engineering | Undergraduate Research

Data and Predictive Analytics for Energy Use and Resource Recapture


Dr. Oswald Chong, Associate Professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, is seeking prospective students who plan to work in research in applying and using artificial intelligence (including but not limited to data mining and machine learning) in energy systems (production, distribution and consumption), water systems, sustainable engineering design and systems, and knowledge mining for engineering applications. This project closely aligns with the Fulton sustainability research theme. The research focuses on developing predictive analytics, system connectors and machine learning systems for various engineering applications (mainly energy, water and sustainable engineering systems).

Examples include developing data and predictive analytics for (a) energy production and consumption, (b) resource/material procurement, disposal and recycling; (c) water generation; and (d) knowledge clustering for engineering design. The project aims to: (1) enhance the reliability of predicting energy use and production by different stakeholders (utility companies, operators, corporations, homeowners etc.); (2) enhance the accuracy of estimating materials procured, disposed and recycled by cities, states, and countries; (3) enhance the water treatment systems; and (4) enhance the performance of engineering systems. More details will be available upon requests.

Qualified students for this project will have knowledge in statistics, fundamental mathematics, a passion in solving environmental issues, and some basic computing skills. Students may start on this project immediately and will work an average of 5-20 hours per week. Payment for this project will vary according to a student’s qualifications and available funding. If you are interested in working on this project and applying for FURI, please send your resume to Dr. Chong. If he finds that you are a great candidate, he will be able to provide some research funding to support you.


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