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Engineering | Undergraduate Research

Data visualization with Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Computer Vision

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Coordinate is an AR mobile application we are designing for collaborative exploration of immersive location-based datasets, visualized as digital, dynamic 3D content overlaid atop geographical maps in physical space. Users will be immersed and engaged as they walk around, interact with, and discuss the data in academic or professional contexts. Coordinate is spreadsheet-programmable for ease-of-use and expression.

The work will integrate different AR/VR smartphone devices, headsets, and tracking systems. Programming expertise in Object-Oriented languages and an interest in learning the Unity Game Engine.

Other similar AR/VR projects are available. Check out the Meteor Studio website, and inquire if interested.

Student Qualifications: 3.0+ GPA, Willingness to learn Unity Game Engine, Programming Expertise in C#, Java, or C++.

Additional Information: 10 hours/week, $12/hour

To apply: e-mail


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