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David Barclay, Travel Grant

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David Barclay, Travel Grant

Biomedical engineer and Barrett Honors College student David Barclay attended the Diabetes Technolgy Meeting in Bethesda, Maryland during Fall 2014. At this conference, he presented a Synthetic Fusion Protein for Epigenetic Control of Pancreatic Cell Function.

This conference was about discussing the latest in diabetes technology research as well as current regulations of diabetes technologies such as continuous glucose monitors. David’s research focused specifically on genetic treatment for diabetes.

“I wanted to attend this conference in order to gain a better perspective from those who have had years of experience in diabetes research.” he said. At the conference, he discussed his research and future goals with representatives from UC Berkeley, the Mayo Clinic, and many other research-based facilities.

Overall, David says the conference was “very helpful both for my research progress as well as my plans to apply to graduate school.”

His only regret was that his research and poster were extremely unique, making it hard to communicate with his audience and connect with the different lectures. His advice to future conference-goers is to be resourceful and use them as a stepping stone to graduate school.

He reminds them, “Most of the usefulness of conferences is the ability to network with professors who will be helpful later on for applying to PhD and graduate programs.”

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