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Engineering | Undergraduate Research

Energy, Air Pollution, Social Justice, and Poverty

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Darshan Karwat, Assistant Professor in The Polytechnic School, is seeking prospective FURI students, or student volunteers to work on the “Energy, Air Pollution, Social Justice, and Poverty” project for the Spring 2018 with the possibility to continue (Juniors and Seniors only). Our collaborative is building a foundation on how to address the interrelated issues of energy transitions, climate change mitigation, advancement of social justice, and alleviation of poverty. We are working on projects related to the Georgetown University Energy Prize, technical needs assessments for environmental justice and climate justice communities, and divestment, among others. Our group consists of engineers, community organizers, and urban planners. The student(s) will support the work of the group, and will be given the opportunity to define and lead their own project(s).

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Engineering students with demonstrated research experience and a passion for environmental protection and community-based work. Students who have taken one or more of the following classes: thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and energy systems. Number of hours per week: 5-10, and the hourly wage will be $15. REU/funding (he has REU or other funding for a student).

Please submit a cover letter detailing your interests, passions, and experiences, as well as your resume and transcripts. Questions? Contact Assistant Professor, Darshan Karwat, at


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