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Jason Wickham, Travel Grant

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Jason Wickham, Travel Grant

During November 2016, chemical engineer and Barrett Honors student Jason Wickham attended the 2015 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jason has been working on his research through FURI under the mentorship of Dr. Lenore Dai and attended the conference to present his research titled, “Early Damage Detection in Epoxy Matrices Via a Dimeric Anthracene Mechanophore.” We asked Jason to tell us a little bit about his experience.

In layman terms, what was the conference about?

The conference was the annual meeting for chemical engineers where students and professors present their research as well as attend presentations by companies, well-known experts in a particular field, or universities.

What motivated you to present at this conference?

This conference presented a wonderful opportunity to present my research and meet with other professionals in the field so as to explore my interests.

What were some of the presentations you attended?

I attended a presentation on common methods for processing particle-like materials which may be helpful for designing process equipment that handles particulates.

I [also] attended a presentation on nuclear engineering and how chemical engineers can apply their knowledge to nuclear reactor design challenges. If I decide to work on nuclear power, I could build on this knowledge.

What do you think was the best part of the conference?

The best part of the conference was the college presentations as they allowed for me to speak with many of the schools that I am considering for graduate school.

Has your involvement with this conference influenced your research plans?

By attending this conference, I have reaffirmed my goal of pursuing a doctorate after graduation and I have been able to narrow down my list of schools I would be interested in attending.

What did you wish you knew prior to the conference? 

I wish I had planned out my schedule before the trip in order to take full advantage of all the opportunities.

Any suggestions for other students regarding conferences?

Ensure that you are always attending one of the events occurring through the conference days in order to maximize the value of the trip.

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