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Joe Carpenter, Travel Grant

Joe Carpenter, Travel Grant

FURI researcher and chemical engineer Joe Carpenter traveled to Montreal, Canada, to present his research at the Materials Science and Technology 2013 Conference.

This conference focused on advances in materials science, technology, and engineering, featuring lectures, technical sessions, exhibition, and tours.

“My research is on inkjet printed Yttrium Zinc Oxide, useful for the transparent conducting oxide layer of solar cells,” Joe says.

“I decided to present at this conference because materials experts attended that I could learn from in a multitude of specializations.”

Joe was pleased to discover that a neighboring poster presenter was a Japanese student who also deposited Zinc Oxide for his honors thesis. The two researchers discussed their studies and planned to keep in touch.

As a result of his conference experience, Joe has become interested in testing the solubility of yttrium in zinc oxide. It also reinforced his application to University of California Santa Barbara, who sent a professor as a plenary speaker.

Joe has worked on his research with Terry Alford, professor in the School of Engineering Matter, Transport and Energy. Joe has continued working with materials applicable to solar with Zachary Holman, assistant professor in the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering.

Joe sought funding from the FURI Travel Grant and the Material Advantage engineering student organization.

Students should go to conferences and consider lodging at more affordable hotels for a positive experience, Joe says.

Video bonus: Joe Carpenter presents earlier work on the same research to ASU professors at a different conference.


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