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Julia King, Travel Grant

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Julia King, Travel Grant

Chemical engineer and Barrett Honors College student Julia King presented at the conference on Advances in Materials and Processes for Polymeric Membrane Mediated Water Purification in Pacific Grove, California. While there, she presented the research she conducted with the help of her mentor, Dr. Mary Laura Lind, titled, “Effect of low temperature aging time of Zeolite A gel on particle size in hydrogel process.”

The purpose of the conference was to discuss the changing status of potable water and current research leading to the achievement of potable water using polymeric membranes and technologies. Julia heard about the conference through a few lab partners and decided it sounded like an interesting research topic.

“I wanted to learn more about this area, get comfortable with the conference experience, and network with many other scientists interested in the same things as me.”

Her favorite part of the conference was getting to talk to other scientists and researchers about their research and experiences.

“It was humbling to talk to the leading scientists in this area and have them give me their two cents of advice.”

She even got to learn about a new form of energy called “blue energy,” which comes from the areas where freshwater rivers meet saltwater oceans and seas. These kinds of interactions also gave her new ideas on how to better her own research.

The Pacific Grove conference strengthened Julia’s enthusiasm for her research and the pursuit of knowledge. She only wishes she had read over the materials before-hand so that she could be even more prepared. Now, she is ready and excited for where her research will take her next.

As for the students on the fence about attending a conference, Julia says, “Do not be afraid. You have to start somewhere.”

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