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Engineering | Undergraduate Research

Management and Optimization of Scientific Workflows

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Dr. Zoe Lacroix, Associate Research Professor in the Polytechnic School, is seeking a FURI applicant or Honors Research/Thesis student to work on the Management and Optimization of Scientific Workflows.

Scientific discovery relies on an experimental framework that corroborates hypotheses with experiments that are complex reproducible processes generating and transforming large datasets. The methods, implicit in the process, capture the semantics of the data, thus they are responsible for the generation of scientific information and discovery of scientific knowledge. Recording scientific workflows is critical to provide the semantics needed to wrap scientific data from their capture, analysis, publication, and archival. By annotating data with the processes that produce them, the scientist no longer manages data but information and allows their meaningful interpretation and integration. Moreover, workflow management allows workflow re-use, integration, comparison, iterative refinement and various levels of reasoning.

The researcher will work 5-10 hours per week and will receive the FURI stipend when applicable.

Please contact Dr. Lacroix at with FURI and the project title in the subject. Also include your resume.


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