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Metrics Validation for Automated Vehicle Operational Safety

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Metrics Validation for Automated Vehicle Operational Safety

The operational safety of automated vehicles is a key requirement before commercialization and deployment on public roads can occur. The proposed research will have the objective to validate a proposed set of metrics that will be the foundation of an evaluation methodology to assess the operational safety of an automated vehicle as it navigates a given scenario. The validation will be conducted through simulation using the CARLA, Scenario Runner, and HVE simulation software packages, through scenario construction and implementation to understand the interplay of the relevant metrics for each scenario. The validation may also include refinement of existing metrics in the proposed set as well as the addition of other metrics.

The research will be part of the Metrics project initiative that is being conducted by members of the Institute of Automated Mobility (IAM), the State of Arizona’s collaborative research consortium that is helping to ensure the safe adoption of automated vehicles in the state.

Spring 2021, 10 hours/week (minimum)

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