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Engineering | Undergraduate Research

In the Health Engineering Applications Lab (HEAL) we are currently developing multiple mobile health applications (mHealth apps) for chronic diseases. Aspira is a game-based pediatric (3-7 year olds) app for managing indoor air quality and children with asthma; SCD-PROMIS is a self-reporting pain management framework for adolescents with post-operative pain or Sickle Cell Disease, REACH+ is a mobile app for anxiety prevention (in conjunction with the REACH Institute in the Dept of Psychology Tempe Campus), and BrainTracker, an mHealth app for monitoring the comorbidities of pediatric epilepsy. These projects have actual clinical trials with real doctors, and their support requires students with an interest in mobile development, web development, software engineering to promote social outcomes, data mining / machine learning, and security.

The primary qualification is motivation. Software development experience in Java, Swift, Objective-C, HTML5, and Javascript are a plus but are not required. Experience with databases such as MySQl and MongoDB are also a plus. Any major is accepted, but a background in software engineering, computer science, or BMI will greatly benefit this research.

Any interested students should contact Dr. Kevin Gary at


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