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Self-adaptive Radiative Thermal Control with Variable-Emittance Coatings

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Radiative cooling has important applications in energy energy and space thermal control. This project aims to experimentally demonstrate self-adaptive temperature regulation of surfaces with nanophotonic VO2 based variable-emittance coatings by carrying on the previous research results made over last several years in the group. VO2 is a thermochromic material which changes between insulating and metallic phases around 68degC, which can be reduced to room temperature by tungsten doping. Please see the following relevant publications for more details. The student research candidate is expected to contribute to one or more research such as sample fabrication by using ASU Nanofab facility, advanced optical characterization such as using FTIR spectrometer, in-lab or outdoor thermal tests by using developed or to-be-improved setups. Relevant lab trainings will be provided with hands-on experience.

[1] Taylor, S., Boman, N., Chao, J., and Wang, L.P., 2021, “Cryothermal Vacuum Measurement of ThermochromicVariable-Emittance Coatings with Heating/Cooling Hysteresisfor Spacecraft Thermal Management,” Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol. 199, p. 117561. [2] Taylor, S., Long, L.S., McBurney, R., Sabbaghi, P., Chao, J., and Wang,* L.P., 2020, “Spectrally-Selective Vanadium Dioxide Based Tunable Metafilm Emitter for Dynamic Radiative Cooling,” Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Vol. 217, p. 110739. [3] Long, L.S., Taylor, S., Wang,* L.P., 2020, “Enhanced Infrared Emission by Thermally Switching the Excitation of Magnetic Polariton with Scalable Microstructured VO2 Metasurfaces,”ACS Photonics, Vol. 7, pp. 2219-2227. [4] Long, L.S., Taylor, S., Ying, X.Y. and Wang,* L.P., 2019, “Thermally-switchable Spectrally-selective Infrared Metamaterial Absorber/Emitter by Tuning Magnetic Polariton with a Phase-change VO2 Layer”, Materials Today Energy, Vol. 13, pp. 214-220


Please email Prof. Liping Wang <> with your interests, resume, transcripts to make an appointment in discussing specific project idea and proposal development.


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