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Semantic Map for Structural Bioinformatics

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Dr. Zoe Lacroix, Associate Research Professor in the Polytechnic School, is seeking a future FURI applicant or Honors Research/Thesis student to work on the “Semantic Map for Structural Bioinformatics” project.

Scientific discovery relies on an experimental framework that corroborates hypotheses with experiments that are complex reproducible processes generating and transforming large datasets. The methods, implicit in the process, capture the semantics of the data, thus they are responsible for the generation of scientific information and discovery of scientific knowledge. Recording scientific workflows is critical to provide the semantics needed to wrap scientific data from their capture, analysis, publication, and archival. A Semantic Map is a concept-based mechanism that allows annotating resources in the terms of a domain ontology. It allows users to search for resources (tools, methods and databases) suitable to express the tasks of their workflows.

Dr. Lacroix is inviting talented undergraduate students to join her team to contribute to the project and help revising and extending the Semantic Map for structural bioinformatics. Students interested to join the team will work closely with a graduate student and under the supervision of Dr. Lacroix. Successful undergraduate students typically have the opportunity to co-author research papers and present their work at workshops and conferences.

This is an opportunity that is eligible for the FURI program. Barrett Honors College students are also welcome to apply to work on their honors research/thesis.

Students should apply by sending their resume, cover letter, and unofficial transcripts to Dr. Lacroix at


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