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Socially Adept Self Driving

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Socially Adept Self Driving

Dr. Yi Ren, an Assistant Professor for the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy has a research opening for the following project:

The advance of autonomous vehicles (AVs) is preparing them for daily use in future smart cities, and it is expected that such AVs will become ubiquitous and share the road with human-driven vehicles (HV). However, there is a lack of theory that guides an AV to 1) understand the diverse intents of human drivers and plan its behaviors accordingly in socially-adept ways, and 2) refine its motion planning according to feedbacks from humans (e.g., honks). The objective of this project is to improve the customizability and scalability of collaborative AVs.

We are looking for highly motivated students to join our interdisciplinary research team (Dr. Yi Ren@SEMTE, Dr. Yezhou Yang@CIDSE, Dr. Wenlong Zhang@POLY). Accepted students are expected to participate in weekly group meetings, formulate FURI/MORE projects, and contribute to ongoing research and papers.

For recent work, please check out our ICRA paper:, and our Github:


  • Game theory
  • Optimal control
  • Reinforcement learning

Student qualifications/requirements:

  • Resume
  • Any undergraduate/master-level student with strong interest in machine learning will be considered. Preferred background include (1) majors in math, computer science, statistics, robotics, mechanical engineering, and psychology, (2) knowledge about game theory, optimization, machine learning, and statistics. We expect students to be able to attend weekly group meetings regularly.

Semester(s) or start/end date of position: Spring 2019 to Fall 2019

Number of hours per week: NA

Stipend amount/hourly wage/volunteer position: This position will start as voluntary.

Lab/Center website:

How to apply: Please send your resume to, and briefly describe your interests, experience, and strengths related to this position. Thank you.


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