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Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion with Selective Emitters

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Thermophotovoltaic devices could direct convert heat in thermal radiation from various sources such as solar or waste heat to electricity with narrow-band semiconductors or cell. The conversion efficiency can be significantly improved by utilizing selective emitters which only give out narrow-band thermal photons with energy right above the TPV cell bandgap. The ASU NETR Lab has many-year experience and expertise in developing highly selective TPV emitters and designing TPV system setups. Please see following publications for more details. This project aims to experimentally test the TPV conversion with an in-lab or outdoor setup for converting concentrated sunlight at much improved efficiency with selective emitters. The student researcher is expected to contribute to one or more following research tasks: sample fabrication of selective TPV emitter/filter/cell, optical and electrical characterization of selective TPV emitter/filter/cell, system test for in-lab or outdoor TPV or solar-TPV conversion.

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Interested students should email Prof. Liping Wang <> to make an appointment in discussing the interests, specific project goals/tasks, and proposal development.


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