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Nathan Moore, Student Researcher

Biomedical Engineering and Barrett Honors College senior Nathan Moore has been conducting research in the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering under the mentorship of Dr. Mehdi Nikkhah. Due to his hard work, Nathan has recently received membership into the esteemed Bidstrup Undergraduate Fellowship Program, and he gave us some insight into this award and his research.

Congrats on the award! Tell us about it. What’s the award and how’d you get it?

The award I received was membership into the Bidstrup Undergraduate Fellowship Program. This program awarded me a $2000 stipend to continue my research in Dr. Nikkhah’s lab. The award is given out to students based on merit and financial need and is offered to Barrett students.

What research do you do?

I am doing cardiovascular tissue engineering research where I am finding the most suitable hydrogel scaffolds that can be used to replace tissue lost from cardiac infarction. Specifically, I am altering the topography of the hydrogel and inducing gold nanorods in order to produce better cell to cell connection and alignment.

How did you find your faculty mentor?

I took Dr. Nikkhah’s thermodynamics class in Spring of 2015. I did an honors contract with him and presented an extensive review session for one of his exams. I was interested in getting into research related to biomaterials and tissue engineering so I asked him if I could start doing a project in his lab. I joined that summer and began working with Ph.D. student Ali Navaei.

What have you learned from conducting research?

I have learned about cell culture and how to properly maintain cardiomyocytes. I have learned about immunofluorescence, how it works, and what steps are necessary to properly stain for certain proteins. I have learned how to take live images and stained z-stack images using zen pro software. I have also learned how to work in a sterile wet lab in order to not contaminate samples.

What advice would you have for students wanting to do research?

My advice to students wanting to do research is be outgoing and persistent. Introduce yourself to some of your professors and build a relationship and they will be a lot more excited in bringing you into their research lab.

What are some other activities you like to do, in addition to being a rockstar researcher?

I love playing acoustic guitar, playing golf, and hiking in my spare time! I am a big metal head!

Congratulations, Nathan, and keep up the good work!


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