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Automated visualization for graphical datasets

Accelerating applications with Intel Xeon Phi

Sign up now for the Summer 2018 Research Opportunity: The Fluid Power Research Experience for Undergraduates Program!

Conduct Research to Make Aircraft Safer and More Intelligent this Summer and Fall

Deadlines in Early 2018 for Summer 2018 Undergraduate Opportunities

Student Scholarship Program for Semiconductors EHS Related Field (Abstract Submissions due Feb 15)

Fluidic Design for Biomarker diagnostics

Integrating Direct Air Capture with closed greenhouse fertilization

Information Technology & Earth Science Summer Internships with the Southern California Earthquake Center

Cognitive and Autonomous Test Vehicle (CAT Vehicle) Research Experience for Undergraduates The University of Arizona, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Apply for Gore Funding to support research and travel by noon on February 5

Research opportunity for current 11th/12th graders and undergraduates (deadline to apply February 28)

Apply for summer undergraduate research opportunities by January 22

Nano-Microfabricated medical devices for health sciences

Energy, Air Pollution, Social Justice, and Poverty

International Research Opportunity for ASU Undergraduates in Earth and Space Exploration, Engineering, and Physics

Crowd Emergency Alarm System

Craft Labor Productivity Analysis in Civil Engineering and Construction Projects – A Field Experience

mHealth Apps

Assessment of Pre-fabricated vs. Stick-Built Construction

Swift VISA Wrapper

Development of Interactive Web Modules for Speech Therapy

Design of Wireless Human Gait Monitoring Systems

Management of Legacy Python Workflows

Aerodynamics Of Propulsion

Brain Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Modeling transport of ions, CO2 and H20 in a humidity swing resin

Measuring thermodynamic characteristics of CO2

Data and Predictive Analytics for Energy Use and Resource Recapture

Integrated Information for Protein Structure Analysis

Predicting the impact of point mutation on Protein Structure

Semantic Map for Structural Bioinformatics

Aircraft Performance Public Policy

CAD Integrated Parametric Design

Innovative Lightweight User-Friendly Interface Functionalities for Protein Structure Analysis

Management and Optimization of Scientific Workflows

Multi-Dimensional Patient Care Model

Development of an additive manufacturing approach for polymer-metal heterogeneous materials

Bio-Inspired Mechatronics Lab

Predicting Video Steams using Deep Learning

Equity in Engineering

Ford Foundation Graduate Fellowships

Graduate Education for Minorities (GEM) Fellowship Program

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Summer Opportunity

Finite Element Modeling of Microscale Bending Testing of Nuclear Reactor Materials

Control of Powered Ankle Prostheses for Improved Robustness in Outdoor Environment

Semi-Autonomous Cars with Humans in the Loop

Design and Control of Novel Aerial Robotic Vehicles

Hybrid Robotic Swarms for Indoor Mapping

Water, Energy, and Carbon Dioxide Interactions in the Built Environment

Microgrid with Renewable Energy and Plug-in Electric Vehicles

Projects through the School of Life Sciences Undergraduate Research (SOLUR)

Projects through the School of Life Sciences Undergraduate Research (SOLUR)

Remote Sensing with Fixed Wing UAVs

A New Photovoltaic System for Solar Charging of Electrical Vehicles

Characterizing Alzheimer’s Disease with Brain Imaging Biomarkers

Internet of things (IoT) for Pet Care

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